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Peter Wagner was born in South Burgenland, Austria, and grew up there. After a phase of dabbling in music combined with the production of scripts and all manner of other areas of action he mainly turned to the writing of plays in 1989 an still later to producing them. Thus about 25 plays witten by him have been produced.
His stage philosophy is called "Theater am Ort" ("The theatre on location"). The production venue has absolute priority, it is ´the spiritus rector´ of the whole theatrical undertaking. Even if it is not in the foreground, its authority gets, as supporter of each social background, to the core of the aesthetic question, which is in this case a political one: productions with about 150 persons are the consequence. The "Theater am Ort" ("The theatre on location") basically is not a play with a specific educational message. It is, in all respects, independent and cut off from the cultural machinery of the metropoles.
Peter Wagner´s work consits not only of plays but also of a books with tales, librettos, records, music cassettes and CDs. His works have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Rumanian, Croatian, French, Hungarian and Slovenian. He has won several prizes and awards for his plays and productions.
"HugoHugo or The Eye of Gods" is indeed Peter Wagner´s first film production.

“Peter Wagner, born in 1956 in Wolfau, which is close to the river Lafnitz dividing the Burgenland from Styria, is a versatile author and director. Growing up in the bilingual towns Oberwart and Unterwart, he has now been living in southern Burgenland for over 20 years. His close environment has always had a significant impact on his work. ‘Theater at the scene’ is the key phrase for his stage philosophy: a production’s scene deserves highest priority, since it is the ‘where’ that influences an individual’s social surrounding and life. Resulting from this concept are productions with up to a hundred amateur actors. Before even putting down an idea, he has already chosen scene and people for the work’s actual realization. Besides attempting to combine musical elements with texts and acts, Peter Wagner has written narratives and libretti. For two years now, his focus has been on independent film work.”
Ö1, 1.11.2003

HugoHugo or The Eye of Gods - Film 122 min
The Iron Border - Film, 120 min
Soul Seeking - Film, 26 min
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